Nike – CR7 seeding box

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With the release of their new CR7 kicks, featuring Cristiano Ronaldo and glorifying his remarkable skills, Nike was looking for an equally exclusive and impressive press pack to gain media attention. 

With the kicks being dubbed ‘out of this world’ we needed a package to accentuate the theme Nike has created for the campaign.

Looking into the architecture of the package as our first step, we refused to abide to the restrictions of a rectangular shaped box, finding inspiration in the geometry of crystals instead, a subtle reference to Superman’s ‘kryptonite’. The next step included miniature prototyping on our very own 3D printer, in pursuit for the perfect shape that would host the shoes.

The final package, with a matt black offset paper as its exterior, was foiled in 2 colours, recreating a galactic landscape. The floor surface of the box, made from recycled aluminum used in the aeronautical industry, was painted blue to compliment the studs of the kicks, which were placed on a pedestal and appeared to be floating above the ‘extra-terrestrial’ surface.

Featured in: Footy Boots, Soccer Bible

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