SONOS – All New PLAYBASE / in-store experience


Create a pinnacle retail window display and an in-store experience zone to communicate the launch of their new sound-base, the SONOS PLAYBASE, under the global campaign ‘Wake up the silent home’.

We looked for ways to answer the question of how to ‘Wake up the silent home’ in a visual manner that compliments the sound created by the PLAYBASE. Exploring the global directive, we came across monochrome representations of sound visualization, which ultimately became the answer to our question. 

Staying true to the visual story seen in the retail window display, the in-store launch zone is an inverse of the window. A fully white interior, ‘woken up’ by black SONOS products and a back-wall illustrating the sound ripples in black. The display highlights the product, as off-white styling elements allowed the focus of the experience zone to be solely on the experience of the player. The larger displays were equipped with specially designed modular cube seats, encouraging the viewer to make the space their own version of a SONOS home and illustrating the speakers' ability to sound great in any environment.


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SONOS – All New PLAYBASE / window display

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SONOS – All New PLAYBASE / window display
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